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Here are some of my favourite Starsky & Hutch stories. 
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BOND, SYLVIA: "Hour Of Separation."
01/03/04 Starsky/Hutch.
Dobey's temporary replacement forces Starsky and Hutch to separate and each must work with a new partner.  In their increasing desperation to see each other, the two finally kiss.

As he walked home, he realize how dull everything seemed. How dull the grass looked, brown in the wiltingly hot California summer. How dull he felt.

He was going on a stakeout with Andrews later, and that prospect of future dullness ground his teeth together, made his hands slam the ball that much harder as he dribbled his way home.

Stakeouts with Hutch could be tedious, or trying, or dangerous, but never that all encompassing, dust-filled lung feeling that Andrews brought with him.

Starsky cheered up somewhat as he entered his faintly cooler apartment, thinking of the cool shower he would take, the cold drink he would have. Wished he had a Hutch to talk to in between here and there.

The smile formed before he realized it was happening.

Everyone should have a Hutch to talk to.

This is a nice, long story which details the friendship of Starsky and Hutch and their changing relationship.  Lovely.

FERGUSON, SYN: "Ebb Tide."
01/05/04 Starsky/Hutch.
Years in the future, Kiko visits his old friend Starsky after the death of his partner, Hutch.

The tears he hadn't shed before spilled silently down Kiko's face. Starsky never had thought anything was too hard to accomplish, or too much to endure if it would save Hutch pain or make him happy. The desperate phone calls or fatal accident Kiko had half dreaded would never happen, because bad as it was to be left behind, Starsky could always believe he had saved Hutch that much pain, that much loneliness.

A hot hand of premonition squeezed Kiko's heart. Losing Hutch was like losing the sun, but when Starsky went it would be like the earth falling out from under his feet. And he would have to go on living. Starsky had just shown him how it was done. Starsky had shown him a lot.

This is a fabulous story, well-written and full of a sweet melancholy.  Highly recommended.

FLAMINGO: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."
Starsky & Hutch are secretly drugged at Huggy's bar.  When they go home together they have sex - and the next day the photos are all over the station and the media.   Hutch can admit he is in love with Starsky - he remembers everything that happened that night - but Starsky can't remember a thing and resists the idea every step of the way as the pair battle to find out who has set them up and cost them their jobs.  

Hutch knew they were finished. As Starsky's mouth claimed him, as their lips met in their first real kiss after all these years of friendship, Hutch felt the pull of the drug exciting him, waking his desires. A drug couldn't make you do something you would never have done, but he and Starsky were too close, especially after this last year. They were too physical, too dependent on each other. They'd gone from spending seventy-five percent of their time together to a hundred percent. They knew each other's scent, every separate foible. They knew everything—except this. And now, drugged to the gills, Hutch yielded to the pressure of Starsky's sweet mouth, knowing that tender kiss was the beginning of the end for them, yet helpless to stop it.

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" is one of the must read classics of this fandom. It's a long, plotty, sexy story, full of great characterisation and well-rounded original characters. The language is very intense and the description of the gay lifestyle and the reaction of the "normal" world to Starsky & Hutch's gayness is explored in detail.  Excellent angst and intense, almost b&d sex scenes.

PROBLEM, SARAH: "Trails In The Dark."
01/05/04 Starsky/Hutch.
Starsky is recovering from Gunther's attack when he realises that he's in love with Hutch.  And one night, he is determined to do something about it.

It was a wonderful relief to step out of the double doors of the disco and feel the cooling city wind on his face. Starsky paused a moment, surveying the crowded lot. The Torino, worse for wear but still running, stood on the street and out of the crowded mob of cars.

They got into the Torino quietly, and it wasn't until Starsky had started the motor that Hutch spoke. "Guess it's late. Time to head home, huh?"

"Nope," Starsky replied, then smiled at his friend's questioning glance. "I wanna get out some, outta the city. Wanna go for a ride? It's Friday night, after all. Besides, I feel like prowlin'."

Hutch looked at him for a moment, his expression unreadable. Then he shrugged apathetically. "Sure, if you want."

Yes, I do want. We're goin' to the mountains, he thought toward his apparently uninterested partner. I've got someplace I wanna to show you. And we're gonna talk.

This is one of the first stories Icame across in Starsky & Hutch fandom and I still re-read it with enjoyment.  I love the determined Starsky in this story and I love the way he seduces Hutch - with absolute determination <g>.  I have a couple of small niggles: the way the story starts out with a little too much telling of past events; and the characterisation of Hutch is a little too passive for my liking.  However, I still adore this story and highly recommend it.

SANDI: "Circle's End."
01/05/04 Starsky/Hutch.
Starsky and Hutch were lovers but Hutch left him and disappeared.  Finally, Starsky tracks him down and tries to find out what went wrong.

It was Spring when I finally caught up with him, in a single's bar in Duluth, three months and five days after I set out from LA. At least, according to the calendar it was Spring--the weather seemed to be having a hard time deciding. I felt like I'd traveled through every possible climate, in every state, lookin' for him, an' my head had gone through so many time changes jet-lag was a way of life. I slept when I was too tired to go on, ate when I was hungry, and in between the two I traveled, regardless of time of day. Amazing what some people will put themselves through in the name of love.

This is the 'happy ending' version of another story by Sandi called "Liar's Dance".  I like this story very much - there are no simple answers but I'm a sucker as always for this sort of well-written emotional intensity between the guys.

SANDI: "Liar's Dance."
01/05/04 Starsky/Hutch.
Starsky and Hutch were lovers but Hutch left him and disappeared.  Finally, Starsky tracks him down and tries to find out what went wrong.

It's four in the morning an' I'm sitting here, all alone in this big empty house, trying not to think about the past. It ain't easy. The whole place feels like it's crammed with memories - some mine, some his - all crowding in to haunt me. I keep seeing faces in the shadows, faces that can't be there, and hearing voices, whole conversations that I know took place years ago. Maybe I'm finally goin' nuts an' any minute now I'll wake up in a room in Cabrillo State.

I wish I could wake up, find this was all a bad dream, but deep down I know that ain't gonna happen this time. You only get so much luck in your life, an' mine ran out ten hours and thirty-six minutes ago. Face it, Starsky, the cavalry ain't gonna come riding over the hill this time. You're on your own.

This is very similar to "Circle's End" except for the opening couple of paragraphs and the last paragraphs of the story.  It's not the happy enidng version but I love this just as much, although for different reasons, than "Circle's End".  This one has a bitttersweet ending, the sort I really like if it's done as well as this.  Highly recommended.



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