Here are some of my favourite X-Files stories.
I read Mulder/Skinner, Skinner/Krycek, but mostly I read Mulder/Krycek.
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ALLISON, KAT: "Coming To This."
Mulder lies awake and ponders his relationship with Krycek.

It's certainly not strange for me to be awake at this time of night. It's just that his apartment is the one place I usually sleep well. He's out cold, jet-lagged. I'm sure he slept on the plane too. He can sleep anywhere, just like he can eat anything. Survivor skills. It was clear from the start that that was his talent, while my area of expertise was running the words, confabulating some bullshit to justify all the insanity. Making meaning out of straw. The Rumpelstiltskin of paranoia.

I think Kat Allison is one of the best writers in fandom. I just love her turn of phrase: "The Rumpelstiltskin of paranoia" - what's not to love about that?  She has a melancholy perspective but her writing is so good I can't help but come back to it again and again.

ALLISON, KAT: "Motel, 3am."
Krycek lies awake thinking about his relationship with Mulder (yes, again).

He's asleep. Face mashed against my shoulder, drooling on my arm. He came, he saw, he crashed. No, strike the "saw"--I bet he had his eyes clenched shut the whole time, and anyway you can't see a thing in this room, it's dark as hell. Dark as interstellar space, and just as cold. I pull him even tighter for a moment, thinking of that emptiness, at the same time thinking damn it, Mulder, I never used to come up with this kind of silly crap before I met you. Interstellar space, for christ's sake. I used to think things like "You want me to do you, friend, you get me off first." With Mulder I end up finishing myself off, dry-humping against his belly with him passed out asleep, feeling like I got the deal of a lifetime.

This is a sort of companion piece of sorts to "Coming To This", although this time it's Krycek's thoughts revealed in the middle of the night.

ALLISON, KAT: "Revenant."
Mulder/Frank Black.
Two lonely men turn to each other at the end of a case.

Just then, he opens his eyes, picking up that something's wrong, and looks at me with such stricken remorse that I almost manage to forget my own egocentric preoccupations for a moment. "I'm sorry," he says, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to--"

"Maybe not, but I did." I'm holding him lightly, and he doesn't make any effort to move away. I study him like this was an interrogation, noticing the acceleration in his breathing, watching the pulse in his throat. He's beautiful, I think, in his own strange way, in a way totally unlike--he's not at all pretty, not smooth, making no effort to charm. I'm so grateful for that. He's looking at me with hungry eyes, confused, full of need and pain. I've never seen him look like this before, and it pushes me past my last hesitation. I can't not respond to that look. Someone in my head, someone who sounds like Scully, is asking me What are you doing, Mulder? but the question is easy to ignore. This isn't much more dangerous than going into an abandoned warehouse after a deranged cannibalistic mutant, is it? Hey, danger is my business. And my hobby, too, whatever.

I move one hand, sliding it slowly up his shoulder to the back of his neck, stroking up through his hair, and I can feel a quick shiver running through him. Oh, yeah. The avalanche has definitely started moving, somewhere up there on the higher slopes.

This is a typical Kat Allison story: extremely well-written, the characterisations sharp and clear, and not a happy ending in sight, for those of you who prefer the happy to the realistic. I love this Frank and Mulder - I just wish there was more of this story and a happier ending.

Mulder and Krycek dance, trying to hold time still in this one moment.

But right now, they dance in the room that smells of sex and desperation, lit only by Mulder's fish tank. Right now, they only need to think about each other and the music. This moment will never end. They can make time stop. They can just keep moving slowly in each other's arms forever if they just don't think past this moment.

This is a lovely, short mood piece.

BLACKBIRD: "Better Homes And Gardens."   [No link.]
Skinner meets Mulder unexpectedly one weekend and takes a chance.

Even while his stomach churned with nervousness, an unexpected flicker of excitement tingled down Skinner's spine. Yes, he was entering the unknown, but now that he sat in front of Mulder, a man he trusted and who had trusted him, he could admit that fear mixed with anticipation felt better than guilt entwined with regret. Maybe Sharon was right in this, too; there were times the unknown smelled clean, like newly mown grass. And Skinner had a strange faith that Mulder knew the land here, he frequently coped with vulnerability and survived, he would understand how hard it was for Skinner to take these steps and he would not desert him.

This is a very sweet story.  Luckily there's no BigDaddy!Skinner - a characterisation I can't abide - but there's a very erotic shaving scene that I liked very much.  I'm a big fan of this sort of story - where the relationship developes very slowly and gently out of a very ordinary, domestic setting.

DEBCHAN: "In The Aftermath."
In the aftermath of the war, Krycek meets Mulder in a cemetery to talk.

Shit like that wasn't supposed to hurt, not after so long. Yet Mulder's barb slipped through the years and struck just as sharply as if it was yesterday and he was still circling the periphery of their magic circle.

Deliberately making his voice cool, Alex muttered, "What is this about, Mulder? I don't think you tracked me down just to catch up on old times."

"Why not? You're the only one left who remembers them."

Very nicely done story.  This has a melancholy edge, an absolute lack of sentimentality but a hopeful ending.

FAYE, CATHLEEN: "Wind River."
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders in the small town of Wind River.

And Mulder kissed him the way that Tristan had somehow known he was capable of. No hesitancy, no uncertainty, no doubt. He held Tristan's face in his hand as his tongue slid into his mouth. He nuzzled his lips against Tristan's, brushing, pressing, and delving. Mulder acted like a man starved for this kind of tender touch and even as Tristan responded he wondered how long it had been since anyone had actually kissed this man. It was a terrible thing if it had been too long because Mulder obviously knew the value of a kiss. You could jerk off eighty different ways. Orgasms can be easily had all by yourself.

But a kiss--a real kiss--needs another human being. There was simply no substitute.

This is the story that turned me to the slash side when I was just an innocent X -Filer who thought "slash" meant some sort of knife-slashing excessive violence or horror.  This story isn't perfect - there's a inconsistent POV that is annoying - but it's an interesting,  plot-heavy story with realistic original characters.  Mulder's discovery that he's not quite as straight as he thought he was makes a wonderful sub-plot for slashers - and I think it's done quite well for an author who is predominantly a writer of Mulder/Scully ship.

GLASGOW, M. FAE: "Mortal Sin."
Skinner thinks about his secret relationship with Mulder.

He knew a thing or two about walls.  He knew a thing or two about keeping emotions carefully locked away.

He knew a thing or two about feelings, and guilt, and redemption.

This is a very interesting look at Skinner's feelings for Mulder and I love M. Fae Glasgow's writing, as always.

GLASGOW, M. FAE:"Succor."
Mulder has been poisoned and hospitalised - but the next day, to Skinner and Scully's disgust, he turns up for work.

The door was closed very quietly.  Even more quietly, Skinner crossed the small office space, politely handed Scully the toxicology report, then leaned both hands on the edge of the desk, looming over Mulder.

"I had paramedics running through the halls yesterday, Agent Mulder, and traffic out front stopped," Skinner said, very clipped, very flat. "And I don't want a repeat performance.  Go home. Follow your doctor's orders."

"I'm fine, sir," said Mulder, his demeanor an odd blend of insubordination and respect.  "And Scully's a doctor, she can..."

"Agent Scully can do her job, Mulder.  She has reports due, and a lecture to give this afternoon at Quantico..  she doesn't have time to babysit an invalid."

"But, sir--"

Skinner didn't quite raise his voice. "When did you decide that your personal whims were more important than the Bureau's directive?  When did you decide--"

Mulder leaned back in his chair, his knuckles going white as he clutched the edge of the desk.  "Sir--"

"I know you're not in the habit of listening to anyone but yourself, Agent Mulder, but I'm still speaking--"


And with that, Mulder fainted, ignobly, dead away.

This is some delicious TLC as Skinner looks after Mulder.  Awwwww.

IMAJIRU: "Departure" Series.
The four parts of this story are best read together, although Part 1 could be read in isolation.  This is one of the earliest slash stories that I ever read and it holds up amazingly well, despite the minor errors - especially those of  punctuation - that I now find rather irritating.  The series is told in present tense, which might annoy some readers, and the text might be a little too mushy for others, but I love this story and come back to it again and again with enjoyment.

Part 1: Mulder wakes to find that he is lying on a cold stone floor - naked, chained and helpless in the hands of Alex Krycek.

"Amazing, what some people will go through, just to get laid," I sayóbrave words, bold words, spoken in a remarkably steady voice; and they do nothing to hide the fact that I'm scared out of my wits.

Krycek laughs.  Not even a contemptuous laugh, but a sound of genuine amusement.  As if my retort pleases him.

Which scares me even more.

"Yes," he says finally, "isn't it," agreeing with me, agreeing with me, stripping away the last of my hopes that perhaps I'm wrong about what he's planning to do next...

I turn my head away, because I am finally, completely terrified, and I don't want him to see it.  I don't want him to know that he's gotten to me.

Even though he already knows.

This story is pretty mild in the "torturefic" stakes now that I've read some of the more horrifying examples out there, but at the time I felt quite nervous about reading it.  Told from Mulder's POV, it depicts the psychological journey Mulder goes through during his period of captivity.  Despite the subject matter, this is quite a sweet story with a strongly developed emotional story line.

Part 2:   Mulder goes back to his normal life after his encounter with Krycek but he finds it hard to come to terms with his increasingly fractured life: the "normal" one with Scully and the X Files, and the memories of his sexual encounters with Krycek.  When his two lives collide, Mulder's reaction shocks everybody.

While I have been drifting in a blissed-out haze of passion, he has known all along that this moment would come.  That someday it would be him against us -- against me -- and that our fragile bubble of togetherness would burst, as we take our respective places on opposite sides of the law: a chasm too great to be bridged or mended.

The story is told from Mulder's POV, with a small prologue at the beginning from Krycek's POV.  This one is pretty dark in places but the emerging emotional relationship between the two is handled really well and it ends on a hopeful note. 

Part 2b:   Krycek's flight to the rat cave with Mulder is harrowing for both men.

I cling to him, hold on for dear life, bury my face against the back of his jacket to keep from seeing any of it, inhale the scent of leather and sweat, and feel the tears slide hot and salty down my face to be whipped away by the wind.

I'm leaving it all behind. All of it. My job. My quest. My partner. Irrevocably gone.

This is a companion piece to Part 2 and the viewpoint alternates between Mulder and Krycek.  It gives a lot of detail about the emotional state of both men as they make this momentous decision.

Part 3:   Krycek is happy but he knows he can't keep Mulder to himself forever.  When he discovers a way to destroy the Consortium for good, he knows it's the beginning of the end.

I can only stare at her in disbelief. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined Dana Scully as anything but an adversary... I struggle to find my voice, and eventually succeed. "It sounds as if you're saying that you're in favor of our relationship." Again, she hesitates. "Yes," she says, "that is what I'm saying." And it's obvious, from her tone and her expression, that it's costing her a great deal to speak the words -- but just as obvious that she means them. Even if it hurts.

Well, who would've thought?  'Shit', I think -- then realize that I have said it aloud, as she laughs.

"Yeah," she responds, sharing the irony of the situation with me, and reaching out to cover her hand with mine.

Her hand is warm and strong, and I can extrapolate what her handshake must be like -- not one of those limp, cold-fish evasions, nor a butch wanna-be bonecrusher, but firm and solid: as honest and real as the rest of her. 'I could get to like you, Dana Scully. I could like you a lot.'

This very long story encompasses a great deal of plot as the good guys - including Scully and Skinner - take on the Consortium with the final fate of the world at stake. Despite what could have been a plot-driven story, "Departure" continues to be essentially about the emotional lives of its characters and the relationships between all 4 characters are central to the story. 

This story is told from Krycek's POV throughout, apart from a short, effective prologue from Scully's POV.  I love the way Krycek is presented here.  He's not totally white-washed but you can see how and why he became the untrustworthy triple agent of canon.  This is essentially a story that explores Krycek's emotional journey to personal salvation but it's a lot of fun as well.  I especially enjoyed his interaction with Scully - for example, Krycek's comment on his growing friendship with Scully:

First Mulder, now this...too much of this relentless camaraderie, and I might forget how to be a calculating, soulless bastard, and what will become of me then?

I keep coming back to read this story and I always enjoy it.  I'd recommend it to anyone.  Unfortunately, it's one of only a few slash stories by Imajiru - she's mostly known for her het and now no longer writes fanfiction at all, as far as I know.

IMAJIRU: "Peace"
Mulder and Krycek lie warm and secure in bed after making love.  Outside a storm rages but inside they are able to put aside their differences for a short time.

His hand settles against the back of my neck. Not pulling me down, not holding me close, simply... touching me there. Fingertips brushing that sensitive skin. Such an intimate touch; and it crashes in on me, suddenly, that this is not merely the longest-lasting relationship I've ever had, but the sweetest.

This is a very sweet mood piece.  It's short - but full of an eloquently expressed yearning for something the two enemies can never have.

IMAJIRU: "Quicksand."
Mulder is taking Krycek back as a prisoner - until Krycek gets sick.

Krycek's arm -- his right arm, his only arm, the one Mulder should have cuffed -- moved; and Mulder felt the warmth of Krycek's hand covering his own. And still their gaze held, eyes locked, neither with hostility nor resentment nor anger, only...

...quicksand. Closing fast overhead, and trapping them both.

'This is insane. This is so fucking endlessly insane, and I don't care, I can't care, and what the fuck am I doing?'

And without letting himself think about it any longer, Mulder leaned over, down, until his lips brushed against Krycek's.

This is comfort fic, pure and simple.  I love this story because Mulder takes care of a sick Krycek, helps him come to terms with his prosthesis, and it's as sweet as hell <g>.  I love the emotional intensity that Imajiru effortlessly brings to her stories.  Her Krycek is one of my favourite of the species and her guys together are a joy to read.

JiM: "A Moment Of Peace."
It's all over and Mulder receives an email from Krycek offering him answers to all his questions.

Somehow Krycek knew the wordless language of his childhood.  He knew the silent conversations that take place as the wind changes direction, as the sea slips beneath you, as you work together to travel in one direction no matter what the wind and currents demand.  Questions  flickered behind Mulder's eyes and were gone before he could voice them.  He felt old emotions, like echoes from the past, and wondered if he had come here to kill Alex Krycek.

This is one of JiM's Houseboat series of stories - a group of unrelated snippets of the future that share a nautical theme.  This one has a nice slow build-up and some extremely evocative descriptions of sailing.  I think it's lovely.

JiM: "A River In A Dry Place."
At the end of the war, Krycek unexpectedly turns up at Mulder's boat with three kittens.

Mulder looked at Krycek, liar, murderer, betrayer, foot soldier for a cause Mulder barely understood even now, and all he saw was a man. A cold, tired man. Where was the rush of hatred, the siren call to brutality, the rage and betrayal that he had always felt at the mere mention of the manís name? Where had it all gone?  Perhaps it was fled to the same place where the searing pain of loss had gone.  What was there now to take its place?

This is another of JiM's Houseboat series, the only one that has a sex sequel.  This is a very sweet domestic story of the kind that I'm quite partial to.  And I really liked the kittens.

JiM: "The Shadow On The Rock."
This is the sequel to "A River In A Dry Place" and contains the sex part that's missing from the first.

"So, what would you like to do?"

Krycek paid for the groceries with bills peeled off from a wad of multi-national cash from his pocket.  His deliberately bland expression was back and Mulder didnít argue the point with him. They watched the bagger in silence for a time.

"I think Iíd like to stop killing people," Alex finally said softly.

Mulder blinked.  "I meant, what would you like to do this afternoon?"

Alex visibly snapped back to the present moment and his lips were pulled back in a wolf-flash grin.  "You gotta start somewhere, Mulder."

Krycek and Mulder finally have sex, there's humour, and there are more cute kittens antics - what's not to like?

JiM: "Descent."
This is a dark story in which Skinner has Lou Gherig's disease, a gradual wasting of all his muscles unto death.  When his diagnosis is confirmed, Skinner does the unexpected.

He managed to bring the cup to Krycek without spilling it. "Here," he said gruffly, handing it to the startled assassin. Then he pulled out the aspirin bottle and put it on the table, feeling it slip the last inch from his fingers and clatter onto the glass. Krycek wiped away the blood from above his eyebrow and reached for a fresh dressing. "What's wrong with you?"

"You mean besides the fact that there's a beat up contract killer on my couch?"


"None of your goddamned business," Skinner said evenly.

This subject might turn a lot of readers off but I liked the slow build-up of the relationship between Skinner and Krycek.  The sequel - "Formerly Unsuspected" - isn't anywhere near as good, although it does complete the tale a little.

JiM: "Therapy."
Mulder has resigned from the FBI and spent months doing a Jack Kerouac on the road when Scully phones to tell him that Skinner has been shot.

"Why the hell did you sleep down here?  There's a perfectly good bed upstairs."

"I like couches," he offered, getting up to organize breakfast. "Besides, I was afraid that I'd get lost in that monster upstairs.  Where the hell did you find something that big?"

Skinner's ear tips turned an intriguing deep red.  "It was on sale the week after I moved in here.  I wanted something that I didn't hang off the end of."

Mulder nodded as he put milk and cereal on the table.  "You and three friends wouldn't reach the edge of that thing."

"I've never had occasion to find out, Agent Mulder," Skinner said stiffly.

Mulder handed him a spoon.  "It's a shame, wasting that much furniture on a single man.  Never putting it to the use for which it was obviously intended."

"I never said it went to waste," Skinner snapped, then shook his head, all the irritation gone.  "How do you do that?  Five minutes of conversation with you and I can feel my left eye beginning to twitch again."

Mulder smiled cheerfully, then pushed the milk over.  "It's a gift I have.  Didja miss me?"

This is another nice, slow, developing relationship story by JiM.  It's more realistic and not as sweet as many of the other recs on this list  but I like the snarkiness in this story and grumpy Skinner.  I have a real soft spot for the grumpy ones

JOSAN: "The Lodge."
Skinner starts a business in the wilds of Canada and one day Krycek turns up.

There had been a time in his life he'd have given anything to hear Alex Krycek beg. He used to dream of it after the incident with the nanocytes. Used to imagine in great detail what he would like to do to Krycek to make him beg. The pleasure it would give him to ignore the begging. Even after he found out how many sides Krycek had been playing on, how much information he had passed on to Mulder, he still had the dreams..

But that was then.

This was now.

This is a nice, slow first time story - the sort of story I like very much.

KASSANDRA: "Shock The Monkey."
Krycek is dying and writes in his journal to Mulder as he tries desperately to get to him with important information that will bring down the Consortium.

I miss myself. I miss the me that existed before I crossed over the line, before I took the thirty pieces of silver. You were a prick all right, but I still betrayed you. Funny, the things you think about when you're shuffling off the mortal coil. I'm not afraid of dying, I don't believe in God or hell or any of that shit the nuns tried to teach me. I think we just go out, like an extinguished candle, so that's not why I'm thinking about these things. It's more a question of what do I regret. I regret not kissing you before that night in your apartment. I regret not taking a chance and jumping on you while you were depressed as hell over the X files shutdown.

Kassandra is one of my favourite authors and I love this story because the voice of Krycek is one I can believe in implicitly.  He's snarky and sarcastic and totally obsessed with Mulder.  Even when he moves in to look after Mulder and the two gradually begin a relationship, there is no lovey-dovey stuff here.  There's a lot of humour, though, and I come back to this story again and again.

LOGAN: "Second Grace."
Mulder/Krycek; Scully/Skinner.
Set after Mulder's disappearence in Season 7, Krycek has returned to Baton Rouge and his family to lick his wounds, start a new, normal life, and try and recover from the devastation of losing his lover - but he finds fate is conspiring against  him on all counts.

I'm going to have a psychotic break. I keep getting close enough to a normal life that I can taste and smell it, only to have it yanked away. It was easier to live like this when I had no concept of -- and no desire for -- normalcy.

I think of all the coeds who come into The Bayou; they get an education so they can break free of this small town and have something better, bigger, brighter. I've had that. Then I lost it. I've had the world at my fingertips; I had my arm amputated with a hunting knife. I know how precious small, normal and ordinary can be. There is nothing better or brighter than living your life with some assurance of stability.

This is a long, plotty, angsty, schmoopy fabulous story told from Krycek's first person POV.   It has the feel of a real episode, to me, with the additional bonus of hot slashy sex - what more could you want?

Mulder/Ben Stone.
Ben and Logan have split up and a devastated Ben is consoled by Mulder.

Not Mike. Ben closed his eyes, his hands faltering, then stopping. He stayed a moment, his hands circling Mulder's waist, then he stepped back, shaking his head. "Mulder," he said, and bit it off, hearing the break in his voice. "I'm sorry, Mulder. I--"

Mulder's arms were around him in a heartbeat, pulling him close, drawing Ben's head to his shoulder. It was an embrace meant for comfort, not passion, and Ben took it for what it was, gratefully.

"It's okay," Mulder was saying softly, his hands slowly rubbing his back. "It's all right."

No, it's not, Ben wanted to say. It's very far from being all right. But he said nothing, simply closed his eyes and let Mulder hold him.

This is one of those crossovers that obviously originate from a desire to put two much loved characters together but there's nothing wrong with that, since the characterisation is well-done and the author has bothered to provide a realistic motivation.

MJ: "From Water Into Fire."
Mulder starts receiving Hanukkah gifts from an unknown admirer.

The third morning brought three candles - blue, orange, and white - and... a bag of chocolate coins.  It also brought Scully's annual Hanukkah present for her partner, this year a silk tie with the Tasmanian Devil acting out colorfully on it in a small print.  "I couldn't think of anything to top that coffee mug I got you last year," she apologized.  "So I got you something that looks like you after a meeting with Kersh."

This is just a nice story that's easy to read when you want something to lift your spirits.  And you do find out who the admirer is - I just don't want to spoil it.

RAIETTA: "After You."
Krycek lies dying in an alley and Mulder mourns his descent into the great white.

Here, in this night city, it is unbearably hot. Hot death. Somewhere, I know, it is snowing, it is frozen, it is cold. Somewhere there is a land so white and vast it bewilders the eye, blinds it, and here the dead ones roam, silent.

Out into this vast whiteness you recede from me even as I kneel above you, my knees in your red pool, and I can only watch as you go on without me into the deep snow.

You are leaving me behind, and I can only chant charms to chase after you through that blind white eye into that blind white land where no breath is needed and no memory is held, and I chase ever slower, ever hotter, as you grow cold.

Death blooms upon you as a red kiss.

This story, with its mysterious and evocative language, isn't for everybody but I found it extremely interesting.

TORCH: "China."
CROSSOVER with Highlander.
Methos and Krycek meet and have a one-night stand in Italy.

"Your friend," Mulder said, hesitantly, "she died?"

"She died." For the first time in too long, Methos let himself think fully of Alexa, let her walk in his thoughts again as easily as she'd walked into his heart. She had shed fear like an ill-fitting skin in their brief time together. She'd died, but they had been happy. He wondered if Mulder and his partner were happy.

"It doesn't seem like enough," Mulder said, breaking into his thoughts.

"What doesn't?" he asked, preoccupied with happiness.

"'Six feet and seventy years,'" a twisted smile, "'to see the light.'"

This is a long, plotty X-File story that has the Mulder/Methos relationship as a counterpoint to the investigation - and is extremely well done.

TORCH: "Something Wicked."
CROSSOVER with Highlander.
Methos and Krycek meet and have a one-night stand in Italy.

The room they finally ended up in was large and square, with a high ceiling and tall windows half hidden by dusty velvet draperies. There were only two pieces of furniture: a low table and an enormous four-poster bed. Adam let go of Alex' hand and stepped forward, there was the sound of a match being scratchily lit and then sudden, warm light as the candles in the elaborate candelabre on the table flared into life.

Adam turned around, and they looked at each other thoughtfully. At least, Alex felt thoughtful. He was alone in a huge empty house with this man, this stranger... this oh so perfect stranger who looked like a grad student, kissed like an angel and moved like an assassin. He'd be a fool not to be afraid. He wasn't afraid. Alex grinned, and Adam raised an eyebrow. "I don't even feel cautious," he said and walked up to Adam, touching his fingertips to the other man's cheek, stroking his face, the line of his jaw, his throat. "If you're going to kill me, don't do it till afterwards. I want you."

This is the best type of PWP - a one night stand that reveals so much about the characters and their story.  Lovely.

WOMBAT: "September."
Skinner and Mulder have both left the FBI: Skinner for a cabin in the mountains and Mulder for a private consultancy firm of his own.  One day, Mulder visits Skinner.

You want to know what did it? I looked out of my window, and I saw the trees in the Mall and I thought, it's almost summer. In six months it's going to be autumn and the only leaves I'm going to see turn are the ones in the Mall outside my office window. And I'm going to be sitting at this desk for the next fifteen years, for the next fifteen Septembers, working seven till seven, six days a week, looking at the leaves through my window. And when I finally get out, I'm going to be an old man.'

Another easy read for times when you need something light with a happy ending.

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