The Alice (2005)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 31 July 2005
Final: 16 January 2006

Episodes: 22
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: The Alice observes a group of strangers coming together in an iconic place for a particular event, only to find themselves caught up in something else altogether. There’s to be a total eclipse of the sun and the perfect spot to view it is in the desert outside Alice Springs. Planetary forces are indeed at work and they will test the will of four people, who have a date with destiny in The Alice. Drawn to The Alice all for very different reasons, each of the travellers has a part to play in the unravelling of a murder mystery and each will have cause to linger longer than they ever anticipated in The Alice. (Southern Star)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jack Jaffers
Jess Dailey
Helen Gregory
Toby Delaney
Michael Anderson
Matt Marione
Ellie Delaney
Hugh Delaney
Erik Thomson
Jessica Napier
Caitlin McDougall
Brett Stiller
Luke Carroll
Patrick Brammell
Roxane Wilson
Andrew McFarlane
Simon Burke

S1 (2005)