Alice To Nowhere (1986)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 30 June 1986
Final: 01 July 1986

Episodes: 2 ms
Length: 240 minutes

Synopsis: Set in 1954 during the Queen's visit, John Parsons is intent on securing a opal necklace for the Queen and will even murder in search for the gem. (John Waters website)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mrs Spencer
Bill Scott
Mrs Charles
Denzil Leary
Mrs Leary
Dave Mitchell
Barbara Dean
Eve Scott
Tim Sanderson
Margaret Sanderson
Betty Spencer
Raymond 'Frog' Gardiner
Jack ' The Dogger' Harris
Johnny Parsons
Ruth Cracknell
Peter Fisher
Margaret Ford
Ross Graham
Joy Hruby
Steve Jacobs
Rosey Jones
Kim Krejus
Gerard Maguire
Christine Mahoney
Neil Melville
Joy Smithers
Ebsen Storm
Martin Vaughan
Swawomir Wabik
John Waters

• Sydney screendates: Pt 1: 02.07.1986, Pt 2: 03.07.1986