The Angel Files (2002?)


Network: Nine

Premiere: Not screened

Episodes: 1 tvm / 6 eps
Length: minutes

Synopsis: Sam Piers, a private investigator, is paralysed while involved in a major drug bust. Because of his wealth, he decides to give his detective agency Piers & Hobson to three aspiring P.I's, on the condition they keep the name Piers & Hobson. (

Role Actor

Cast list:
Emily "Autumn" Davis
SC Emma Burton
Ben Delbridge
Alexandra Lucini
Sebastian Lucini
Angel Valesquez
Jonathon Crane
James Fisher
Prudence "Pru" Fisher
Natalie Valesquez
Abby Coleman
Alyssa Cooper
Paul English
Arianthe Galani
Quentin James
Marin Mimica
Cameron Nugent
Ricky Palmer
Ingrid Ruz
Indigo Ware-Smiles


• This series ceased production after six episodes and has not yet been screened at all.
• According to one source, the telemovie was screened in July 2002.