Arcade (1980)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 20 January 1980
Final: 28 March 1980

Episodes: 1/50
Length: 90/30 minutes

Synopsis: A short lived soap series set in arcade.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Duncan Adams
Joey Fellows
Joyce Blair
Len Crosby
Molly Sparks
Vic Marshall
Tina Marshall
Walter Blair
Consuela McPhee
Robbie Carmichael
Mee Ling
Susie Blair
Norman Pendleton
Kitty Adams
Phillip Soo
Mr Henderson
Teddy Pullen
Magda Yukochek
Iris Pendleton
Di Smith
Si Wan Soo
Miriam Sparks
Craig Carmichael
Danny Adcock
Greg Bepper
Aileen Britton
Bill Charlton
Lorrae Desmond
Mike Dorsey
Christine Harris
Syd Heylen
Coral Kelly
Jeremy Kewley
Sinan Leong
Tracy Mann
Garth Meade
Joy Miller
Raymond Nock
Allan Penney
Martin Portus
Anne Semler
Maggie Stuart
Olga Tamara
Lucy Taylor
Peggy Toppano
Patrick Ward


Adelaide & Sydney debut - Sunday, 20.01.1980 (90 min); from Monday, 21.01.1980 (30 min), Melbourne unknown (if different).
As per South Australia's Advertiser & TV Week magazine.
Duration of this series in other states differ with one source to another.