Bad Cop, Bad Cop (2002)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 18 November 2002
Final: 16 January 2003

Episodes: 8
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: Bad cops Detective Red Lilywhite and Lou Knutt are plain clothes detectives based at a southern Sydney beachside suburb and part of a police force that is still the best money can buy! They are masters of their domain, giving the greenlight to all the criminal activity in their area for a ten percent piece of the action, all the while dispensing their own particular and often ludicrous brand of justice as they see fit. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Detective Red Lilywhite
Detective Constable Lou Knott
Tracy Lafever
Slim Azzopardi
Michael Caton
Dan Wyllie
Helen Thomson
Christopher Hobbs

S1 (2002)