Banjo Patterson's - The Man From Snowy River (1994-1998)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 23 September 1994
Final: 24 May 1998

Episodes: 66
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: This romantic, family oriented western set in the pioneering era of the 1800s has universal appeal. Set in the spectacular snow capped Southern Alps the series takes viewers into the heart of an incredibly beautiful wilderness and deep into the mythology entrenched in the Australian experience.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Matt McGregor
Kathleen McGregor
Luke McGregor
Colin McGregor
Rob McGregor
Danielle McGregor (1)
Jack Kelly
Victoria Blackwood
Frank Blackwood
Oliver Blackwood
Emily Cornish/McGregor
Danielle McGregor (2)
Michael O'Neil
Josh McGregor
Montana Hale
Duncan Jones
Jessie McClusky
Andrew Clarke
Wendy Hughes
Joshua Lucas
Brett Climo
Guy Pearce
Joelene Crnogorac (1993-1994)
Reg Evans
Amanda Douge
Rodney Bell
John Stanton
Sheryl Monks
Kristie Raymond (1995-1996)
Ben Geurens
Daniel Daperis
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Hugh Jackman
Josephine Byrnes

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4


• The first four episodes may have been put together as a 150 minute pilot episode screened on 23 September 1994.
• Credits for episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 are from repeat run.