Blue Sky (1997/1999)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 17 February 1997
Final: 01 May 1999

Episodes: 53 (40/13)
Length: 60 minutes
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Ep titles

Synopsis: A drama about a bunch of go-anywhere, do-anything flyers. These are the good guys of the skies, a group of seat-of-the-pants pilots who chose to fly because they love it. Rescues, sieges, medical emergencies, milkruns, trips to anywhere, these men and women know they can make a difference because they are good at what they do. (Southern Star)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Chris Manning
Scotty Gibbs
Jimbo James
Shay McWilliam
Lauren Allen
Lexi Clani
Paula Niessen
Blake Wallace
Rosie Day
Gary Sweet
Martin Henderson
Rhys Muldoon
Robyn Cruze
Alexandra Fowler (1997)
Lisa Baumel (1997)
Billie Brown (1999)
Danielle Nuss (1999)
Tim Campbell (1999)
Peta Brady (1999)

S1 (1997)
S2 (1999)