Blood Brothers (1993)


Network: SBS

Premiere: 06 July 1993
Final: 27 July 1993

Episodes: 4 dd
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: This drama-documentary series profiles four prominent Aboriginal men whose lives are interwoven with significant events in the history of the Aboriginal struggle. The stories of Darby Jampinjimpa Ross, Rupert Max Stuart, Charles Perkins and Mandawuy Yunuipingu are told in this production made from an Australian perspective. (AFC)

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Cast list:
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Broken English

Young Max
Alan Moir
Edna Gieseman
Mary Hattam
Detective 1
Herbie Sumner
David O’Sullivan
Detective 2
Sir Geoffrey Reed
Chamberlain QC
Justice Abbott
Sir Mellis Napier
Tom Dixon
Television reporter
TGH Stehlow
Newspaper boy
Norman Gieseman
JW Shand QC
Justice Ross

Max Stuart
Justice Sir John Starke
Hon Don Dunstan AC

Lawrence Turner
Noah Taylor
Marlene Cummins
Haylee Grey
Rob Steele
John Blair
Vince Gil
Hugo Weaving
Marshall Napier
Martin Vaughan
John Krummel
Ben Gabriel
Frank Wilson
Tony Barry
David Field
Peter Cummins
Andrew Mourelle
Bill Young
Peter Whitford
Basil Clarke
Allan Roberts
Bill Hunter

Freedom Ride

• No other credits seen.

Charles Perkins
Jim Spigelman
Jon Cassidy
Harry Hall
Bob Brown
Bill Lloyd
Edna Craigy
Ruth Wright
Lyall Munro Jnr
Phillip Hall

From Little Things, Big Things Grow


• No other credits seen.

Kev Carmody
“Tidass”.. Sally Dastey
Lou Bennett
Amy Saunders
Paul Kelly
Billy Bragg
Laurie Carmody
Andrew O’Phee
Steve Connolly
Murray Cook
Marlene Cummins
Alvin Duffy
Brenda Gifford
Alice Haines
Patrick Hunt
Andrew Lewis
Vanessa Lucas
Elishe O’Connor
Bart Willoughby

Jardiwarnpa - A Warlpiri Fire Ceremony
• No video seen.

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