Chances (1991-1992)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 29 January 1991
Final: 30 December 1992

Episodes: 80
Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: Chances follows the lives of an Australian family as they are thrown into pandemonium after winning three million dollars in the lottery. Sometimes comical, often heart-wrenching but always involving, Chances is an adult drama series that deals with events in the lives of everyday people who have to face the turmoil, the challenges and the fun that comes with such a windfall. (Beyond International)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Barbara Taylor
David Young
Bill Anderson
Charlie Gibson
Sharon Taylor
Nicki Taylor
Sam Reynolds
Sarah Taylor
Connie Taylor/Reynolds
Chris Reynolds
Steve Harland
Heather McGlashan
Jennifer Parsons
Bogart Lo
Rebecca Taylor/Young
Phillipa Taylor
Eddie Reynolds
Ben Taylor
Jack Taylor
Dan Taylor
Alex Taylor
Cal Lawrence
Angela Sullivan
Imogen Lander
Sean Becker
Brenda Addie
Rodney Bell
Michael Caton
Kimberley Davenport
Mercia Deane-Johns
Cathy Godbold
Simon Grey
Anne Grigg
Deborah Kennedy
Mark Kounnas
Peter Kowitz
Yvonne Lawley
Caz Lederman
Lawrence Mah
Natalie McCurry
Laverne McDonnell
Dennis Miller
Rhys Muldoon
Tim Robertson
John Sheerin
Jeremy Sims
Gerard Sont
Patsy Stephen
Ciri Thompson
Stephen Whitaker

or notable
guest stars
Bambi Shute
Lily Lo
Mandy Foster
David Hensen
Dee Dee Nelson
Sydney Jackson
Annie Jones
Katherine Li
Tammy MacIntosh
Peter Phelps
Lynda Stoner
Margaret Umbers