The Circuit (2007)


Network: SBS

Premiere: 08 July 2007
Final: 12 August 2007

Episodes: 6 ms
Length: 360 minutes
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Synopsis: Drew Ellis has taken a sabbatical from a comfortable legal career to go bush... charming, confident, capable, and now completely out of his depth, Drew finds himself in the chaotic world of the Kimberley Circuit Court which takes a magistrate, court officials and lawyers on a five-day 2,000 kilometre round trip to dispense justice in the remote communities of north western Australia. It is no easy trip, particularly if like Drew, you are black. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Lawyer Drew Ellis
Sam Wallan
Bella Noble
Ellie Zdybicka
Archie McMahon
Clarence ‘Clarry’ Long
Bob ‘Shirley’ Temple
Magistrate Peter Lockhart
Aaron Pedersen
Kelton Pell
Tammy Clarkson
Marta Kaczmarek
Nick Simpson-Deeks
LeRoy Parsons
Bill McCluskey
Gary Sweet


• A second series is planned.

S1 (2007)
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