The Clean Machine (1988)




Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: minutes

Synopsis: A new Premier is elected promising to clean up corruption. He sets up a taskforce headed by a traffic cop thinking he won't get far. But Inspector Riordan opens up a can of worms and won't let it go - all the way to the top. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Premier Bruce Russell
Eddie Riordan
Det Sergeant Frank Truro
Commissioner Fred Riley
Ron Maher
Veronica Riordan
Marcia Irving
Max Newell
Stewart Byrne
Asst Commissioner
Imad Hamoudi
Keith Reid
Paolo Morello
Dr Michael Milius
Const Ron Healy
Det Sergeant Warren Davis
Premier John Morgan
Frederic Abbott
Steve Bisley
Ric Carter
Ed Devereaux
Mervyn Drake
Regina Gaigalas
Sandy Gore
Edwin Hodgeman
Peter Kowitz
Brian McDermott
Garth Meade
Marshall Napier
Tony Poli
Tim Robertson
Robert Taylor
Grigor Taylor
Frank Whitton