Come In Spinner (1990)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 28 March 1990
Final: 29 March 1990

Episodes: 2 ms
Length: 210 minutes (2 x 105)

Synopsis: The story of one week in the lives of three remarkable women who work at the beauty salon of a top Sydney hotel. The story is set in October 1944, when the tide is turning in the Pacific War – American forces have made Sydney a gaudy, hectic garrison town. The gamblers and the Good Time Charlies converge on the South Pacific Hotel, one of Sydney’s finest. Amidst the social upheavals of war, a society is in flux; marriages are strained and values tested - when death is so close, daily living becomes a game of chance. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Deb Forrest
Guinea Malone
Claire Jeffries

Major Alfrickson
Mrs D'Arcy-Twining
Monnie Malone
Nigel Carstairs
Mrs Gatred
Kim Scott
Mr Malone
Denise D'Arcy-Twining
Mrs Malone
Dallas McIntyre
Donald Morris
Colonel Byron Maddocks
Mrs Scott
Angus McFarland
Ursula Cronin
Sport Walter
Mr D'Arcy-Twining
Shirley Noonan
Luen Forrest
Jack Forrest
Helen McFarland
Mrs Molesworth
Mr Sharlton
Barbara Carstairs
Kerry Armstrong
Rebecca Gibney
Lisa Harrow

Marie Armstrong
Valerie Bader
Randall Berger
Zoe Bertram
Pat Bishop
Peter Browne
Justine Clarke
Tyler Coppin
Gary Day
Judi Farr
Jay Hackett
Brian Harrison
Lucinda Jones
Gillian Jones
Vince Jones
Grace Knight
Susan Lyons
Donald MacDonald
Bryan Marshall
Monica Maughan
Rhys McConnochie
Leverne McDonnell
Tim McKenzie
Warwick Moss
Russell Newman
Rebecca Rigg
Rebecca Smart
Gary Sweet
Sonia Todd
Martin Vaughan
Kerry Walker
Peter Whitford
Linden Willkinson

• "Extras" credits are not included as there are too many.