Constructing Australia (2007)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 18 March 2007
Final: 01 April 2007

Episodes: 3 dd
Length: 55 minutes

Cast list:
Wendy Hughes

The Bridge (18.03.2007)

Synopsis: Massive, majestic, breathtaking – the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the greatest engineering challenge of its day anywhere on earth. Completed during the Great Depression, it is the legacy of a fateful partnership between two very different men – a brilliant engineer and a maverick politician – who shared a relentless ambition to create “the people's bridge”. It not only altered the life of a city forever, it became a symbol of a bold young nation and a changing world. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jack Lang
John Bradfield
Francis De Groot
Governor Phillip Game
Hon JD Fitzgerald
Ralph Freeman
Gwendolen Game
President NSW Parliament
MP 2 on stairs
MP 3 hallway
Times reporter (voice)
Radio presenter
Bill Young
Danny Adcock
Chris Burke
Peter Sumner
Shane Porteous
Shane Briant
Juliet Jordon
Ian Swallow
David Calvey
Graham Wagner
Hugh Wade
Virginia Triolo

Peter Bradfield (Grandson)
Peter Spearritt (Bridge biographer)
Gerald Stone (Author, "1932")
Paul Keating (Prime Minister, 1991-96)
Gerard Henderson (The Sydney Institute)
Peter Lalor (Author, "The Bridge")
Bill Waterhouse (Eyewitness)
Edith Draper (Eyewitness)
Hilarie Lindsay (Eyewitness)
Frank Cain (Historian)
Andrew Moore (Historian)
Shirley Fox (Bradfield's granddaughter)

Pipe Dreams (25.03.2007)

Synopsis: As Australia was beginning its life as a new nation, a tragedy was unfolding. From the remote coast of Western Australia, to deep within its inhospitable interior, an immense water pipeline was being constructed that would unlock countless riches and help build the nation. But the ambitious dream of political visionary Sir John Forrest and engineering genius Charles Yelverton O’Connor would end in tragedy. In their struggle against the forces of nature, and the forces of politics, one would be proclaimed a national hero, while the other would be driven to his death. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
CY O'Connor
John Forrest
Albert Gaston
Thomas Hodgson
Alexander Forrest
Roderick O'Connor
O'Connor's wife
O'Connor's daughter
Charles Vosper
O'Connor's secretary
Aboriginal tracker
Aboriginal tribesman
Aboriginal tribesman
Aboriginal tribesman
O'Connor's double
O'Connor's daughter's double
Murray Dowsett
Luke Hewitt
Noel O'Neill
Mike Anthony Sheehy
Richard Mellick
Ryan Quinn
Janet Pettigrew
Hannah Sutton
George Shevtsov
Neil Hansen
Peter Docker
James Hagan
Barry Strickland
Martin Harvey
Heath Bergesen
Adrian Ugle
Greg Ugle
Peter Ugle
Sam Watson
Sascha Watson

Additional cast:
Penelope Andrews
John Paul Barjaktarev
Shane Tracey Berry
Jarrad Bolton
Nick Britton
Ben Brown
Goeffrey¹ Breuder
Chandra Buffart
Peta Claydon
Ray Cooper
Peter Dowdell
Mike Eccleston
Gary Edmonds
Adam Eggins
Michael Ferrari
John Flood
Harry Frochter
Rosie Gilbert
Matthew Goddard
Mavis Glewis
David R Hindle
Gregory Hopson
Tahita Lang
Daniel Lawrence
Philip Lord
Aaron McCann
John McCourt
Liam McGinniss
Jack McKearnan
Russell Miners
Chris Musto
Liam O'Connor
Kyran O'Donnell
Brian O'Neill
Nigel Parker
Nick Petrovic
Whitney Richards
Steve Routledge
Tancredi Rubinich
Johnno Sanasi
John Shaw
John Silvesto
Emily Smith
Richard Williamstein
Edward Michael Stolz
Sam Watson
Sascha Watson
Paul Willemse

A Wire Through The Heart (01.04.2007)

Synopsis: Australia in the mid 1800s was a land isolated by distance and divided by two very different cultures. John McDouall Stuart's incredible crossing of this inhospitable land enabled Charles Todd to construct a telegraph line through the heart of the continent, bringing Australia to the world and the world to Australia. Its construction heralded the start of a new communications era every bit as revolutionary as the internet. News from overseas arrived in hours rather than months, securing Adelaide's position as the centre for early colonial communications. It made Todd a hero – but it cost Stuart his life. (ABC)

With special thanks to:
Rob Linn
Dr John Bailey
Dr Kevin Hogarth
Prof Susan McGarey

Role Actor

Cast list:
John McDougall Stuart
Charles Todd
Alice Todd
Mr Kekwick
Mr Thring
Mr Auld
Mr Woodforde
Mr Head
Eilza Todd
James Chambers
Elizabeth Chambers
Governor MacDonnell
Mr Townsend
Mr Neals
Mr Glynde
Mr Hanson
George Hamilton
Messenger horseman
Railway guard
Telegraph workers

Farm workers

Burra telegraphist
Line construction team

Aboriginal warriers

Eugene Suleau
Rob MacPherson
Claire Dunn
Tristan Hudson
Rod Ho'vell
Adam Willson
Nicholas Ely
Cameron Crighton
Rosie MacPherson
Peter Rodgers
Jude Henshall
Roger Newcombe
Preston Struthers
Tony Mack
Brenton Whittle
Graham Nerlich
Sam Tripodi
Nick Bennett
Daniel Marsiglia
Richard Duncan
David Thring
Patrick Graham
& James Down
Corey Piper
Rob McCarthey
& Nick Rasheed
Jeff Lang
Bob Jones
Ryan Osbourne
Joseph Hynes
Daniel Keylock,
Troy Ottens,
Richard Huggard
& Sam Bettany
Cyril Dixon,
Ross Williams,
William Fitz
& Joel Dixon
Iain Carr

¹ as per credit.