Dirtwater Dynasty (1988)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 10 April 1988
Final: 14 April 1988

Episodes: 4
Length: 600 minutes (2 x 180, 2 x 120)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Bourke postmistress
Army messenger
Real estate agent
US Army sergeant
Old patient
Navy official
Eastwick banker
Guy Westaway
Reverend McBride
Josh McCall
Emma Tarbox
Mrs McBride
Kate McBride/Eastwick
Nancy McBride
Thenas McBride
David Eastwick
Christine Eastwick
Richie Eastwick
Hasky Tarbox
Frances Eastwick
David Eastwick
Lonely Logan
Richard Eastwick
Mrs Tarbox
Mary Acres
Noel Adams
Geoff Aldridge
Drew Anthony
David Arnett
Queenie Ashton
Bob Baines
Phillippa Baker
Vincent Ball
Scott Burgess
Ernie Dingo
Harold Hopkins
Steve Jacobs
Anne-Louise Lambert
Jenny Lee
Victoria Longley (role 1)
Victoria Longley (role 2)
Victoria Longley (role 3)
Ned Manning
Leverne McDonnell
Robert Menzies
Dennis Miller
Judy Morris
Kristine Nehm
Peter Phelps
Bruce Spence
Hugo Weaving
Arna-Maria Winchester

South Australian screening. In the Eastern states the mini-series was screened over 5 nights with 120 minute episodes.