The Distant Home (1995)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 14 January 1995
Final: 04 February 1995

Episodes: 4
Length: 30 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
Dr Chambers
Dr Allport
Dr Rosen
Cyril Flannery
Jim Harrison
Dr Kruger
TV reporter
Kate Glorvaelllo
Mrs Webster
Bobby Harrison
Mrs Flannery
Senior nursing sister
Mr Flannery
Sally Harrison
Maria Harrison
Graeme Blundell
Annie Byron
Tina Bursill
Shaun Clowes
Grant Dodwell
Jozef Drewniak
David Franklin
Gabrielle Hammond
Melissa Jaffer
Dene Kermond
Denise Kirby
Allan Lovell
Leverne McDonnell
Andrea Moor
Russell Newman
Marnie Reece-Wilmore
Munroe Reimert
Diane Smith

Adelaide screendates: Saturdays - 14.01.1995, 21.01.1995, 28.01.1995, 04.02.1995
Melbourne & Sydney screendates: Sundays - 08.01.1995, 15.01.1995, 22.01.1995, 29.01.1995
This series was originally made as a telemovie, but screened in January 1995 as a four episode series. Not sure if it was screened as a telemovie before then. Still to be confirmed.
• Credits are from telemovie screening, and are in alphabetical order.