Don't Blame Me (2002)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 14 October 2002
Final: 05 December 2002

Episodes: 26
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: In England a recently bereaved widow and her two children discover that they've inherited a property in Australia. With some reluctance they head to Australia to claim their inheritance only to discover that the profitable sheep station they've imagined is in fact a rather out of the way wildlife park full of Australian native animals. What's more it has human occupants as well - a distantly related trio of grandchildren who have been bequeathed lifelong rights to live on the property. As well, there's an Australian born Vietnamese animal handler who's somehow the only one who has real expertise in dealing with native Australian animals. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mark King
Kate King
Gemma King
Gregory King
Gabrielle King
Chris King
Shaun Loseby
Basia A'Hern
Hollie Chapman
Liam Hess
Fiona Terry
Henry Nixon
Anh Do

S1 (2002)