East West 101 (2007)


Network: SBS

Premiere: 06 December 2007
Final: 10 January 2008

Episodes: 6
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: This is the story of two detectives - one a Muslim, the other Anglo-Australian, and the battle between them for survival. It is also a metaphor for the fear that exists between East and West when two men search for love, approval and forgiveness as their destinies collide. (FFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Zane Malik
Ray Crowley
Patricia Wright
Sonny Koa
Helen Callas
Jung Lim
Don Hany
William McInnes
Susie Porter
Aaron Fa'Aoso
Daniela Farinacci
Renee Lim

S1 (2007)


• The working title for this series was called Major Crime.