Eureka Stockade (1984)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 27 March 19841
Final: 28 March 19841

Episodes: 2 ms
Length: 240 minutes (2 x 120)

Synopsis: The setting of the scene of the only armed insurrection by free men in Australia. Gold-diggers on the mines of Ballarat are becoming restless and seethe at the injustices they are subject to. A feeling of republicanism, fanned by police insensitivity and brutality, is growing on the goldfields. (SMH)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Peter Lalor
Timothy Hayes
Anastasia Hayes
Sarah Jamieson
Charles Ross
Alicia Dunne
Father Smythe

Bishop Goold
General Nickle
Annie Hayes
Timmy Hayes
Attorney General
Tom Kennedy
William Hayes
'Starry' Hayes
Patrick Carroll
James McGill
Commissioner Rede
Raffaello Carboni
Sgt Major Taylor
Father Downing
Johnny Hayes
Sir Charles Hotham
John Joseph
Dr Kenworthy
Flash Burke
Bryan Brown
Bill Hunter
Carol Burns
Amy Madigan
Brett Cullen
Penelope Stewart
Tom Burlinson

Simon Chilvers
Peter Collingwood
Melissa Crawford
James Crawford
Peter Crossley
Peter Curtin
Tommy Dysart
Troy Ellis
Reg Evans
Luke Gallagher
Peter Green
Stephen Hayes
Chris Hession
Edwin Hodgeman
Roger Howell
Tim Hughes
Lee James
Andrew Martin
Rod Mullinar
John Murphy
Sam Peterson
David Ravenswood
Fred Steele
Geoff Warren
William Zappa

1 Sydney/NSW screendates.
• Closing credits for Pt 1, not recorded.