A Family Matter (1990)

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Network: Nine


Episodes: 1 plt
Length: 120 minutes

Role Actor

Cast list:
Antionetta Rossi
Jon Rossi
Luciano (Lucy) Rossi
Marci Rossi
Claudia Rossi
Robert Rossi
Greg Chandler
Gloria Stubbs
Father Ignatius
Diana Shearing
Robert Forza
Anna-Maria Monticelli
Adrian Lee
Rachel Bock/Beck
David Bartolemi
Sean Myers
Anne Phelan
Maxine Klibingaitis
Jonathan Hardy

• Above title and credits are from an article in TV Week (July 1989) about the pilot been made. The series was screened as Family & Friends and this pilot may have been called this later as it was nearing to screening. To be checked.