Fire (1995-1996)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 14 February 1995
Final: 09 May 1996

Episodes: 26 (2 x 13)
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: A fast paced drama series which revolves around the lives and adventures of a platoon of firemen. Fire is the platoon's enemy and their life. From battling blazes in abandoned warehouses, chemical spills - to explosions that could engulf an entire city. When it's 3000 inside and everyone is running out... they go running in. One misjudgement, one hesitation, one second of fear... could cost a life. (Beyond International)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Ff John "Repo" Kennedy
Det Jean Diamond
Dolores Kennedy
Ff Lewis "Grievous" Fazio
Stat Off Quinton "Spit" Jacobsen
Ff David "Giraffe" Simpson
Sen Off Ed "Dinosaur" Spence
Ff Nick "The Boss" Connor
Ff Morgan "Mad Dog" Cartwright
Ff Richard "Banjo" Gates
Ff Danny "Nuggett" Hunt
Ff Marilyn "Tex" Perez
Ff Peter "TNT" Thompson
Sen Off Montgomery "Seldom" Webber
Ff Martin "Mary" Hawthorne
Ff Greta "Garbo" Fazio
Andy Anderson
Liddy Clark
Deborra-Lee Furness
Tayler Kane
Wayne Pygam
Shane Feeney-Connor (1995)
Max Phipps (1995)
Peter Phelps (1995)
Georgie Parker (1995)
Aaron Jeffrey (1995)
Danny Adcock (1996)
Totti Goldsmith (1996)
Robert Morgan (1996)
Damain Pike (1996)
Damain Rice (1996)
Fiona MacGregor (1996)

Det Henri Aldridge
Anne Risdale
David Crown
Det Vlad Hadzic
Det Ron Chandler
Andrew McKaige
Anne Tenney
Norman Steiner
Sean Scully
Wayne Cull
John Heywood

Jimm Runyon
Stevie Ray Kennedy
Hendrix Kennedy
Janis Kennedy
Kim Gyngell
Christopher Testrow
Jacinta Greer
Lauren Shield

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