Five Mile Creek (1985)


Network: Seven


Episodes: 1/39 (3 x 13)
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: Jennifer Haywood, a high profile actress, moves to the Gold Coast to start a new life for her daughter, Natalie, and herself. She brings with her a colourful household: her boyfriend William; Lilly, the nanny; Doris, the cleaner; and Mopsy, the dog. Life seems almost perfect until her ex-husband Jack is cast as her lover in the series in which she is currently starring. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Kate Wallace
Charles Whiters
Paddy Malone
Maggie Scott
Con Madigan
Sam Sawyer
Ben Jones
"Gentle Jack" Taylor
Hannah Scott
Liz Burch
Peter Carroll
Michael Caton
Louise Claire Clark
Jay Kerr
Nicole Kidman
Martin Lewis
Gus Mercurio
Rod Mullinar
Priscilla Weems


• This series was made in Australia for the USA screens. It was screened on the Disney channel.
In a story published in South Australia's TV Radio Extra (July 85), Liz Burch mentions that she was disappointed that the series was not screened in Adelaide.
The pilot, Five Mile Creek... The Cherokee Trail was made in the USA (using an all American cast) and screened in the US in November 1981. Using two of the lead roles from the pilot, Hector Crawford took the storyline and produced threes seasons of thirteen episodes in Australia. Cast in the pilot included... Victor French, David Hayward, Mary Larkin, Murray McMurry, Tommy Petersen, Cindy Pickett, Timothy Scott, Buck Taylor, and Tina Yothers. This series was made for the Disney Channel and did not screen in Australia until a few years later.