Flight Into Hell (1985)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 28 May 1985
Final: 02 July 1985

Episodes: 6 ms
Length: 300 minutes (6 x 50)

Synopsis: Based on the real-life recollections of German airplane pilot Hans Bertram. who was lost at sea for 53 terrifying days in 1932, along with his mechanic, Adolph Klausman. The action fluctuated between the marooned Bertram and Klausman and the efforts by several different countries to rescue the downed airman.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Captain Mitchell
Constable Dave Maxwell
Sergeant Steve Lucas
Charlie Ferris
Constable Anderson
Chris Gordon
Adolph Klausmann
Kate Webber
Hans Bertram

Robin Cuming
Dennis Grosvenor
Phillip Hinton
Gerard Kennedy
Serge Lazareff
Tim McKenzie
Charito Ortez
Philip Quast
Werner Stocker
Anne Tenney
Helmut Zierl
Vincent Ball
Barrie Barkla
Colin Borgnon
Athol Compton
Graham Corry
Jack Davis
Steve Dodds
Hans Farkash
Judy Ferris
Les Foxcroft
Reg Gillam
Kevin Howard
Robert Hughes
Henk Johannes
Norman Kaye
Paul Keene
William Kerr
Andy King
Denise Kirby
Nicholas Lidstone
Bill McCluskey
Rhys McConnohie
Peter Mueller
Lynne Murphy
Lovedale Oakley
David Opie
Bill Pearson
Jill Perryman
Trevor Prior
Joanne Radstake
Max Rowley
Sally Sander
Laurence Seeto
John Stone
Moya Sullivan
Walter Sullivan
Joan Sydney
Brian Syron
David Thomas
Michael Watson
David Whitford
Peter Whitford
Francis Yin


Sydney screendates: 28.05.1985 (debut), 04.06.1985, 11.06.1985, 18.06.1985, 25.06.1985, 02.07.1985 (final).