The Flying Doctors (1986-1992)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 26 May 1986

Episodes: 223
Length: 60 minutes


Role Actor

Cast list:
George Baxter
Nancy Buckley
Vic Buckley
Sgt Jack Carruthers
Father Jacko Jackson
Dougie Kennedy
Hurtle Morrison
Const Larry O'Conner
Soula Polites
Kate Standish/Wellings
Tony Symonds
Ron Miller
Matron Fisher
Joe Forrest
Dave "Gibbo" Gibson
Sharon Herbert
Dr Frank Turner
Tom Callaghan
Violet Carnigie
Debbie O'Brian
Emma Plimpton/Patterson
Chris Randall
Gerry O'Neill
Geoff Standish
Zoe Buchanan
Mike Lancaster
Dimitrius "DJ" Ionniadis
Marty Jarvis
Sam Patterson
Maggie Hutton
Paula Patterson
Luke Mitchell
Nick Cardaci
David Ratcliffe
Claire Bryant
Magda Heller
Jackie Crane
Johnno Johnson
Rowie Lang
Steve McCauley
Guy Reid
Annie Rogers
Penny Wellings
Bruce Barry
Val Jellay
Maurie Fields
Terry Gill
Sydney Jackson
Warren Owens
Max Cullen
Simon Thorpe
Anita Cerdic
Lenore Smith
Ivar Kants
Mark Little (1986)
Carmel Millhouse (1986)
Gil Tucker (1986)
Lewis Fitz-Gerald (1986)
Kylie Benning (1986)
John Frawley (1986)
Andrew McFarlane (1986, 1989-1990)
Pat Evinson (1986-1988)
Louise Siverson (1986-1989)
Rebecca Gibney (1986-1989)
Liz Burch (1986-1990)
Justin Gaffney (1986-1990)
Robert Grubb (1986-1991)
Michaela Abay (1987)
Shane Withington (1987-1988)
George Kapiniaris (1987-1989)
Mark Neal (1987-1989)
Peter O'Brien (1987-1989)
Marie Redshaw (1988-1989)
Vikki Blanche (1988-1989)
Gerard Kennedy (1988-1991)
Alex Papps (1989-1990)
Brett Climo (1989-1990)
Beverly Dunn (1989-1991)
Melita Jurisic (1990)
Nikki Coghill (1990-1991)
Christoher Stollery (1990-1991)
Sarah Chadwick (1991-1992)
Paul Kelman (1991-1992)
David Reyne (1991-1992)
Tammy MacIntosh (1991-1992)
Sophie Lee (1991-1992)

Sydney premiere date.
From Albert Moran's "Moran's Guide to Australian TV Series" 1993, other sources have 221 episodes were produced.
• See also RFDS.