The Games - Season One (1998)

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special guest star: Barrie Cassidy
also appearing: Ruben Gilles
voice over: Dean Banks


special guest star: Ross Campbell
also appearing: Janine Com, Chris Bayes, Serge De Nardo, David Lennie
voice overs: Dean Banks, Abbe Holmes, Nicholas Bell


special guest stars: Nicholas Bell, Andrew Curry
also appearing: Ralph Marrison, Jarrod Carmen, Lillian Lewis
voice overs: Ross Campbell, Dean Banks, Vince D'amico, Tim Harris


should be Siversen.

special guest stars: Denis Moore, Jim Daly
also appearing: Louise Siverson, Bernadette Schwerdt, Nicole Nabout, Mathew Green, Craig Beamer, Lew Luton, Richard Wiggan
voice over: Hamish Hughes

^ 05...

special guest stars: Neil Pigot, Nicholas Bell
also appearing: Jonathan Kovac, Campbell Clerke
voice overs: Ross Campbell, Alan Hopgood


special guest stars: Simon Palomares, Cristin Daniel
also appearing: Michelle Palmer, Ren De Haas


should be Siversen.

special guest stars: Nicholas Bell, Louise Siverson
also appearing: Humphrey Bower, Geoff Paine, Neil Pollock, Micky Tucker, Pamela Erskine-Fowler, Joan Brockenshire, Tommy Dysart, Mark Wickham


special guest stars: Maxine McKew, Simon Palomares, Nicholas Bell, Linley Frame, Linda Haggar, Fahey Younger
also appearing: Mick Bunworth, Michael Isaacs, Justin Stanford, Shane Kruger, Jo Donahoe, Winston Galea


special guest stars: Gerry Connolly, Nicholas Bell, Matthew Quartermaine, Matthew Parkinson, Matthew Greene, Shauna McEwan
also appearing: Serge De Nardo, Scott Snibson, Terry Brittingham
newsreader: Ian Henderson

^ 10...

special guest stars: Nicholas Bell, Miki Oikawa, Katerina Kotsonis
also appearing: Russell Allen
voice over: Marg Downey


special guest stars: Francis Greenslade, Bill Ten Eyck
also appearing: Andy McPhee, Fred Barker, Brian Goldberg
voice over: Ross Campbell


special guest star: Frank Woodley
also appearing: Andrew Curry, Chuck Fayne, Nicole Nobout, Eddy McShortall, Ren De Haas, Andrew Botham, Brenda Monaghan, Hoyin Ng, 'Rascal'


• Series one finale.

special guest stars: Sam Neill, Nicholas Bell, Dave Graney
also appearing: Cliff Ellen, Tamara Saulwick, Norma Brown, Wayne Wilson
voice overs: Greg Miles, Dean Banks