Go Big (2003)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 14 March 2004

Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: 125 minutes

Synopsis: Gina Katz is about to turn thirty and she's trapped on the 9 to 5 conveyor belt. She's a cog in a wheel, a telemarketer who works at a grey surrounded by hundreds of other women all pitching the same inane message. But Gina’s different. She's sick of being ordinary. She's tired of the world being run by the rich and famous. Until she meets Ethan and Lars Foster who convince her it wouldn't be so bad if the rich and famous happened to be them… (evg.com.au)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Gina Katz
Ethan Foster
Hamish Fitz-Herbert
Lars Foster
Sophie Duvet

Young Gina
Bryan Katz
Michaela Twinch
Lisa Katz
Sales assistant
Steve Pike
Timmy Katz
Marion Katz
Stuart Katz
Sandra Sully
Ian Patterson
Nick Santow
Andy King
Miles double
Old boy 1
Old boy 2
Old boy 3
Opera singer
Trader 1
Trader 2
Comsec reporter
Paul Bongiorno
Auntie Mavis
Man #1
Man #2
The pilot
Reporter 1
Reporter 2
Security guard
Joh Bailey
Lar's princess
Justine Clarke
Tom Long
Alex Dimitriades
Leon Ford
Kimberley Joseph

Maddison Brown
Tony Barry
Sacha Horler
Ling-Hsueh Tang
Gerard Williams
Rebecca Smee
Jeff Truman
Harry Moffitt
Judi Farr
Christopher Pitman
As herself
Geoff Morrell
Paul Barry
Winston Cooper
Felix Williamson
Amos Szeps
Joshua Rosenthal
Bruce Samazan
Celeste Lazarenko
Steve Rodgers
Jonathan Gavin
Mark Sipple
Craig Menaud
Shingo Usami
Caroline Egan
Alexander Manojlovic
As himself
Valerie Lewis
Stuart Tilse
Mark Jenson
Mark Symington
Lindsay Moss
John Flower
Brendan Donoghue
Paul Moxey
As himself
Caroline De Souza