Good Guys, Bad Guys (1997-1998)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 30 March 1997 (tvm)
Premiere: 01 April 1997 (series)
Final: 23 June 1998

Episodes: 26
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: Elvis Maginnis is a former cop from a family with criminal connections. He joined the force to escape the family - and he left the force to escape the brotherhood. So Maginnis bought a dry-cleaning franchise and set himself up in business. Independence and freedom with no strings attached - or so he thought. But the family and the force wouldn't leave him alone, both needed to test his loyalty. Both wanted him to do 'just one last job' - except they ask him every week... (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Elvis Maginnes
Stella Kinsella
Reuben Zeuss
Marcus Graham
Alison Whyte
Travis McMahon

S1 (1997)
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S2 (1998)