Halifax, fp - A Person Of Interest (2000)

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Premiere: 11 June 2000

Length: 125 minutes

Synopsis: Jane Halifax is asked to profile ex-cop Laurie Downes who has been charged with a brutal murder. In trying to piece the fragmented mind of a confused and complex man together, Jane finds there are vital pieces missing from the puzzle. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax
Laurie Downes
Detective Murray
Emma Ford
Suzanne Brennan
Scott Brennan

Dr David King
Alan Gale
Police prosecutor
Eric Upton
Laurie's barrister
Dr Frances Needham
Det Mick McGuiness
Snr Railways clerk
Jnr Railways clerk
Nurse (Robyn)
Public hospital nurse
News reporter
Joel Brennan
Crash victim
Woman at line-up
Jane's receptionist
Alan Gale's wife
Alan Gale's son
Prison officer
Security officer
Rape victim
Man with dog
Rebecca Gibney
Andy Anderson
David Roberts
Doris Younane
Sara Gleeson
Damian Walshe-Howling

Robert Van Mackelenberg
Cristin Daniel
Trudy Hellier
Peter Barron
Nathan King
Terry Kenwrick
Stephanie Daniel
Paul Hampton
Laura Lattuada
John Arnold
Chris Chapman
Peta Doodson
Wendy Chan
Tamar Kelly
James Hall
Amanda Pettman
Kamarra Bell Wykes
Donna McRae
Jari Turner
Jodi Callil
James Morris
Cormack MacArt
Adam Murphy
Jennifer Hennessy
Garry Pollard
Roger O'Connor