Halifax, fp - A Hate Worse That Death (2000)

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Premiere: 05 November 2000

Length: 120 minutes

Synopsis: Jane Halifax is called in to analyse death threats made against Simon Laser, a well known gossip columnist for a weekly magazine after his gay lover is found murdered. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax
Simon Laser
Harry Davenport
Carl Sankovic

Margaret Masters
Sue York
Trudy Semple
Linda Quinn
Ruth Fisher
Marty Vella
Reno Radison
Duty constable
Fleur Flannery
Night store attendant
Taxi driver
Harvey Masters
Margaret's solicitor
Molly Johnson
Morgue attendant
Celebrity at gallery
Betty Lou Mandible
Forensic pathologist
Marty's solicitor
Security guard
Prison guard
Uniformed policeman
Rebecca Gibney
Nicholas Eadie
Terry Serio
Dino Marnika

Julieanne Newbould
Nicki Wendt
Susan Godfrey
Louise Siverson
Maria Theodorakis
Rodney Afif
Craig Goddard
Stephen Hayden
Bernadette Schwerdt
Nathaniel Marshall
Phil Reilley
Jean Jacques Portail
Peter Maver
Shirley Wallace
Akishisa Watase
Ann-Marie Cooksley
Tracy Carroll
Yang Li
Anthony Wright
Russell Trenerry
Brett Sleigh
Robert Murrell
Kelly Gooden