Halifax, fp (1994-2002)


Premiere: 09 November 1994
Final: 07 July 2002

Episodes: 21 tvms

Synopsis: Jane Halifax is a freelance forensic psychiatrist (fp), a psychological super-sleuth immersed in a mire of crime and punishment. As an expert witness into the workings of the human mind; Halifax fp is a high suspense drama from both sides of the law.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax
Rebecca Gibney

Episode titles:
Acts Of Betrayal (1994) (debut)

The Feeding (1994)

Words Without Music (1994)

My Lovely Girl (1994)

Hard Corps (1994)

Lies Of The Mind (1994)

Without Consent (1995)

Cradle & All (1996)

Sweet Dreams (1996)

Deja Vu (1997)

Isn't It Romantic (1997)

Afraid Of The Dark (1997)

Someone You Know (1998)

Swimming With Sharks (1998)

A Murder Of Crows (1998)

A Person Of Interest (2000)

The Spider & The Fly (2000)

A Hate Worse Than Death (2000)

The Scorpion's Kiss (2001)

Playing God (2001)

Takes Two (200?) (final)