Halifax, fp - Playing God (2001)

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Premiere: 25 November 2001

Length: 120 minutes

Synopsis: When a young girl of 13 commits a brutal and seemingly unprovoked murder, it traumatises the school and stuns the wider community. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax

Erica Chatwin
Christine O'Connor
Maureen O'Connor
Jack Conway
Doctor Wallace
Sergeant McCarthy
Detective Blair
Detective Kosinki
Steve Sullivan
Janine Turbull
Joshua Lippman
Phillip Parker
Sophie Kernan
Melanie Cooper
Store owner
Girl at cemetery
Girl's mother
Local #1
Local #2
Angry parent
TV newsreader
TV reporter
Jane's mother
Sean O'Connor
Young Christie
Rebecca Gibney

Catherine Wilkin
Emily Browning
Nell Feeney
Stephen Whittaker
Alan Cassell
David Wicks
Matt Quartermaine
Daniela Farinacci
Pip Mushin
Helen Noonan
Alan Hopgood
Neil Melville
Heli Simpson
Samantha Campbell
Justin Lehmann
Steven Smith
Richard Bligh
Doug Bennett
Sergio Martiniello
Helen Kent
Eboni Rutherford
Theresa Holt
Benjamin McLeay
Rowan Francis
Cheryl Dobbie
Lawrence Bruce
Inouk Arnall
Robyn Nevin
Stewart Merritt
Richael Tanner