Halifax, fp - Someone You Know (1998)

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Premiere: 27 June 1999

Length: 125 minutes

Synopsis: Jane Halifax is called in to help track down a serial killer. The killer has left a plea for her help, and Jane is confronted by her worst nightmare - that this killer might be one of her own patients. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax
Alex Goodson
Helen Hunt
Bob Palance
Jon Knight
Monica Harris
Mrs Hunter

Detective Johnson
Jamie Callen
Alan Denny
Detective Hain
Linda Ellis
Mick Ellis
Young nun
Taxi driver
Young Helen
Crime scene officer
Cafe owner
Glider mechanic
Chief super
Rebecca Gibney
Garry McDonald
Sonia Todd
Grant Bowler
Simon Westaway
Beverley Dunn
Monica Maughan

Vince Colosimo
Samuel Johnson
Frank Magree
Hannes Berger
Jane Hall
Bradley Hulme
Sarah Wallis
Tanya Burne
Kick Gurry
Julie Day
Rhona Rees
Ralph Marrison
George Vidalis
Peter Houghton
Roy Thompson