Halifax, fp - Swimming With Sharks (1998)

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Premiere: 26 September 1999

Length: 125 minutes

Synopsis: Jane Halifax is summoned to investigate a murder in a high security prison. Five suspects and an impenetrable wall of silence. When the director of the Unit disappears, Jane's task is to work out what is holding them together and break the code of silence before it's too late. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Jane Halifax
Steve Elliot
John Garth
Debra Shapiro
David Neilson
Billy Coombs
Athol Callaghan
Matthew Erhmann

Michael Slevic
Barry Crittenden
Vicki Slevic
Dennis Chan
Jackie Armstrong
Vicki's client
Crime scene officer
Stunt doubles

Stunt unit staff

Callaghan body double
Rebecca Gibney
Peter O'Brien
Marton Csokas
Helen Jones
David Tredinnick
John Moore
Danny Adcock
Peter Kowitz

Damien Fotiou
Nicholas Bell
Sapidah Kian
Luke Elliot
Chris Broadstock
Masa Yamaguchi
Fiona Walsh
John McDermott
Ray Drew
Jason Buckley
Dawn Bamforth
Amanda Buchanan
Collette Hardcastle
Warwick Sadler
Nicole Moro
Lance Anderson
Chris Wilson
Rick Tonna
Russell Frost
Phil Reilley
Stuart Fraser
Dean Caulfield
Alan Kilfoyle