headLand (2005-2006)


Network: Seven

Premiere: 15 November 2005
Final: 28 January 2006

Episodes: 34
Length: 60 minutes
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Cast list:
Cast order from
Ep2 - on.
Andy Llewellyn
Sasha Forbes
Heath Forbes
Kate Monk
Will Monk
Adam Wilde
Maddie McKinnon
Elly Tate
Craig Palmer
Mel Bennett
Grace Palmer
Reshad Strik
Rachael Taylor
Matthew Walker
Brooke Harman
Josh Quong Tart
Conrad Coleby
Jody Kennedy
Adrienne Pickering
Sam Atwell
Sophie Katinis
Libby Tanner

S1 (2005-2006)

• This series was originally going to be called Campus.
52 episodes were made with only 34 screened before the series went into recess on this date.