Heartland (1994)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 23 March 1994
Final: 26 May 1994

Episodes: 13
Length: 50 minutes
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Synopsis: Heartland (aka Burned Bridge) deals with the mystery surrounding the death of an Aboriginal girl and the doubts concerning the guilt of her boyfriend, convicted of her murder. It is a love story between the two people convinced of his innocence their growing relationship must survive hostility from both the white and black communities and the obstacles of their different backgrounds, attitudes and cultures. Set in a small town, Heartland follows the people from this community and their battle to restructure their own way of life. (Beyond Internationl)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Vincent Burunga
Elizabeth Ashton
Alf Dyer
Millie Carmichael
Phil McCarthy
Mujadi Burunga
Mum Burunga
Ben Lovell
Gareth Maddean
Ernie Dingo
Cate Blanchett
Bob Maza
Justine Saunders
Steven Vidler
David Ngoombujarra
Judith Wilkes
Frank Nannup
Shane Conner
Jeremy Sims
Lydia Miller

Ep titles
S1 (1994)

• also known as: Burned Bridge