The Henderson Kids II (1987)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 06 June 1987
Final: 19 August 1987

Episodes: 12
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: When Tam and Steve Henderson left Haven Bay they came to the city with their father, Wal Mullens. For the last two years they've been traveling, settling for a short time and moving on. Wal's been looking for the right business to buy into, and the right environment to live in. He's found it in Westport, a tough yet picturesque harbor side suburb.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Wal Mullins
Carol Summers
Marty Summers
Tamara 'Tammy' Henderson
Sally Marshall
Helen Marshall
Bradley 'Brains' Buchanan
Vinnie Cerantonio
Steve Henderson
Michael Aitkens
Anita Cerdic
Nathan Croft
Nadine Garner
Marieke Hardy
Louise Howitt
Bradley Kilpatrick
Alex Papps
Paul Smith

• Sydney debut screendate: 09 May 1985, and final screendate: 26 July 1985

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