The Henderson Kids (1985)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 11 May 1985
Final: 27 July 1985

Episodes: 12
Length: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: A story of two siblings, Tamara & Steve whose city life comes to an end when their mother is killed in a road accident. Their parents divorced, their father's whereabouts unknown, the kids go to live in the country with their uncle in a small fishing and timber milling town called Haven Bay.

Role Actor

Cast list:
Mike Henderson
Tamara 'Tammy' Henderson
Steve Henderson

Pat Edwards
Alice Henderson (ep1 only)
Glynis Wheeler
Regina Powell
Colin 'Cowboy' Clarke
Sylvia Wheeler
Bradley 'Brains' Buchanan
Ted Morgan
Charlotte 'Char' Kernow
Ashley Wheeler
Nicholas Eadie
Nadine Garner
Paul Smith

Antoniette Byron
Diane Craig
Totti Goldsmith
Jane Hall
Mark Hennessy
Annie Jones
Bradley Kilpatrick
Ben Mendelsohn
Kylie Minogue
Peter Whitford

• Sydney debut screendate: 09 May 1985, and final screendate: 26 July 1985

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