Horace & Tina (2001-2002)


Network: Ten

Premiere: 04 May 2001
Final: 03 May 2002

Episodes: 26 (2 x 13)
Length: 30 minutes
Credits &
Ep titles

Synopsis: Two extraordinary state-of-the-art animatronic characters: Horace - three foot tall, grumpy, over two hundred years old, and the world's greatest mischief maker; and his elder sister, the 271-year-old Tina - an incurable romantic who loves to meddle and give advice. 13 year old Lauren Parker, who discovers she is the only person who can see Horace & Tina and has to keep the existence of her two bizarre houseguests secret, without her family and friends thinking she's going crazy. (jonathan-m-shiff.com.au)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Lauren Parker
Max Tate
Steve Tate
Kimberley Tate
Jasmine Ellis
Jordan White
Matthew Parkinson
Carolyn Bock

Voice of Tina
Voice of Horace
Horace performance double
Tina performance double
Lead puppeteer

Jackie Kelleher
Frank Gallacher
Rohan Paterson
Ninian LePage O'Brien
John Rogers
Megan Cameron,
Malcolm Martin,
Rod Primrose,
Liz Rule
& Sarah Kriegler
David Sacher

S1 (2001)
S2 (2002)