I Can Jump Puddles (1981)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 07 June 1981
Final: 02 August 1981

Episodes: 9
Length: 50 minutes
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Synopsis: In the country town of Turalla, Victoria in the early 1900s Alan Marshall had not long started school when he contracted the crippling disease poliomyelitis. However the story of his childhood is not sad. Alan never saw himself as disabled and his indomitable character enabled him to overcome any obstacles. Instead, his absolute determination to play, climb, fight, swim, ride and laugh with his friends has become a classic Australian story of perseverance and courage. (ABC)

Role Actor

Main cast:
Alan Marshall (Ep 1-4)
Alan Marshall (Ep 5-9)

Narration by
Adam Garnett
Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Lewis Fitz-Gerald

S1 (1981)