Joh's Jury (1992)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 16 February 1993

Episodes: 1 tvm
Length: 100 minutes

Synopsis: Revolving around the difficulties ordinary individuals face in an extraordinary situation, as they sift through masses of trial evidence, cut off from the world for nearly a week. On trial for perjury, Sir Joh, the man responsible for shaping the cultural ethos of Australia’s ‘Deep North’, would now be judged by his peers in a case bound to end in controversy. Joh’s Jury exposes the inherent vulnerability of a justice system, which requires a jury to reach a unanimous and hopefully unbiased verdict. (ABC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
(from video)
Matthew - juror
Penny - juror
Thelma - juror
Hedley - juror
Val - juror
Kev - juror
Luke - juror
Evelyn - juror
Madonna - juror
Dave - juror
Brad - juror
Kevin - juror
Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson

Nicholas Cowdery, QC
Robert Greenwood, QC
Judge John Helman
Adrian Gundelach
Robert Needham
Robert Butler
Douglas Drummond
Geoffrey Woodward
Stephen Reddy
Robert Sng
Mark McClusky
Dean Wells
Judge's associate
George Dunstan
John Walsh
David Russell
Adriaan¹ Zecho
Reddy's girlfriend
Susan Moriarty
Kev's mother
Ann Garms
Lady Florence Bjelke-Peterson
Simon Bossell
Penny Cook
Julie Hamilton
John Howard
Elaine Hudson
John Jarratt
Malcolm Kennard
Betty Lucas
Rebecca Rigg
John Sheerin
Noah Taylor
Norman Yemm
Gerry Connolly

Graeme Blundell
Russell Newman
John Clayton
Bob Baines
Michael Ross
Tom Richards
Stephen Leeder
Benjamin Franklin
Harold Hopkins
Kristoffer Greaves
Jon-Claire Lee
Bruce Barry
Dennis Grosvenor
Amanda Newman-Phillips
Gabrielle Hammond
David Hoey
Robert Steele
Michael Burgess
Rob Baxter
John Alansu
Shayne Foote
Helen Mutkins
Lynne Murphy
Faye Helou
Carmel Mullin
May Howlett

¹ as per credits.