Kaboodle (1987/1990)


Network: ABC


Episodes: 13 / 6
Length: 25 minutes

S1 & S2

Role Actor

Cast list:
Anthology series - see individual episodes/storiess.

Series 1

Episode 1
Molly Makes Music
Double Take
Wheelie Wonder
The Great Detective
Episode 2
The Great Sandwich Swap
The Huge Adventures Of Trevor A Cat
Scuff The Sock
Episode 3
Marty Makes A Move
Wombat & Gumshoe
Episode 4
Penny Pollard's Diary
The Cure
Episode 5
Secret Life Of Trees
Episode 6
Joshua Cooks
The Wizards Of Solmar
Episode 7
Snow White & The Dreadful Dwarves
Foxbat & The Mimi

Episode 8
Gung Ho
The Girl & The Pumpkin
Lock Up Your Toys
Episode 9
There's Dragons
The Kobold & Potato
Talo's Story
Episode 10
The Fogbrook Thing
Episode 11
The Marvellous Adventures Of Miriam
The Birthday Present
There's A Sea In My Bedroom
Episode 12
Steam Train Crew
Episode 13
Ghost & Katie Domigan
Waltzing Matilda

Series 2

Episode 1
The Hedge & Mr Snip
The Great Detective
The Dream Machine
Echidna Crossing
Episode 2
Hedge Crocodiles
Mystery Of The Chinese Dragons
Sarah's Dream Cloud
A Possum's Tail
Episode 3
The Hedge Maze
Monkey Business On Ice
Kids In Space
Playing Around

Episode 4
The Great Hedge Race
At The Circus
It's A Dog's Dream
Tortoise Saves The Day
Episode 5
Hedge Island
The Secret Of Bat Cave
Adam's Super Cubby
Wombat In Trouble
Episode 6
Haunted Hedge
Helping Grandad Out Of A Jam
Elsie Dreams A Nightmare
Home At Last

• An innovative anthology series. Each episode comprises multiple self-contained segments, ranging from drama to comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Segments in Series 1 are live action as well as animation. All segments in Series 2 are animated. (ACTF)
• Each episode incorporated various length stories.
• Series 2 containing four running stories in each episode over the series of 6 episodes.
• Episode credits are for the live action stories.