Kick (2007)


Network: SBS

Premiere: 09 June 2007
Final: 18 August 2007

Episodes: 13
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: Wonga Street... It's nothing flash but it's home. There's Miki, a wild and crazy Greek girl, who's falling for Joe the uptight Indian doctor. Too bad he's living with that yuppie lawyer. Tatiana's got the boys drooling but she lives for soccer. Tran the Man dreams of a Karaoke kingdom. Wais is trying to fit in. And Layla's coming out. They come from everywhere to find each other. Love, laughs, friendship, fighting, families and football. It's a beautiful game. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Miki Mavros
Joe Mangeshkar
Takis Mavros
Dora Mavros
Hoa Tran
Tatiana Baranoff
Layla Salim
Osama Salim
Zoe Ventoura
Raji James
George Kapiniaris
Maria Mercedes
Ahn Do
Natasha Cunningham
Nicole Chamoun
Stephen Lopez

S1 (2007)
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