The Last Man Hanged (1993)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 24 March 1993

Episodes: 1 dd
Length: 55 minutes

Synopsis: This dramatised documentary is about the hanging of condemned murderer, Ronald Ryan, at Pentridge Jail in 1967, the last man hanged in Australia. The documentary uses a mixture of recreation, interview and archival material to tell the story from the point of view of a journalist who attended the event. This journalist was Keith Willey, the uncle of writer-director Lewis Fitzgerald. To this day there is still some doubt as to Ryan's guilt. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
(from video)
Ronald Ryan
Keith Wiley
Dorothy Ryan
Father John Brosnan

Governor Ian Grindlay
Peter Walker
The hangman
The sheriff
Dr Allen Bartholomew
The journalists

The warders


The interviewees:
The wife
The escapee
The lawyer
The gaol governor
The judge
The psychiatrist
The journalist - The Truth
The priest
The Labor politician
The journalist - The Herald
The prison officer
The radio journalist
The television journalist
The daughter
Colin Friels
Lewis Fitz-Gerald
Angie Milliken
John Clayton

Ronald Falk
Graham Harvey
Ronald Graham
Chris Haywood
David Downer
John Sheerin, Jim Holt,
John Gregg & Peter Carmody
Donal Gibson, Russell Newman,
Mervyn Drake & Rob Steele
Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Dorothy Pirois
Peter Walker
Dr Philip Opas QC
Ian Grindlay
Sir Justice John Starke
Dr Allen Bartholomew
Evan Whitton
Father John Brosnan
Hon Clyde Holding MP
Tom Prior
Bert Warren
Brian Morley
Brian Joyce
Wendy Kelly