Law Of The Land (1993-1999)


Network: Nine

Premiere: 22 April 1993
Final: 12 February 1999

Episodes: 52
Length: 60 minutes

S1 (1993)
S2 (1994)
S3 (1994/95)
S4 (1995-99)

Ep titles

Role Actor

Cast list:
Sergeant Marc Rosetti
Kate Chalmers
Sergeant Clive O'Connor
Hamilton Chalmers
Sean O'Connor
Jean Jardine
Audrey O'Connor
David Jardine
Alicia Miles
Marissa Green
Peter Lawrence
Harry Miles
Trish Miles
Ray Richmond
Jacqui Rushcutter
Hannah Scott
Michael Delaney
Andy Cochrane
Magistrate Maggie Mulcahy
Shirin Rasidi
Andy Cochrane
Alex Lentini
Nick Rogers
Heather Coleman
Angelo D'Angelo
Lisa Hensley
Richard Moir
Wyn Roberts
David Walters
Debbie Byrne (S1)
Abbie Holmes (S1)
Tamblyn Lord (S1)
Radha Mitchell (S1)
Frances O'Connor (S1)
David Roberts (S1)
Shane Connor (S1, 2, 3)
Lindy Wallis (S1, 2, 3)
Mike Bishop (S2)
Alexandra Fowler (S2)
Tessa Humphries (S2)
Michael O'Neill (S2)
Peter O'Brien (S2, 3)
Fiona Spence (S2, 3)
Sapidah Kian (S3)
Peter O'Brien (S3)
Rebecca Frith (S4)
Bruce Hughes (S4)
Karmen Raspovic (S4)

• Episode titles only started from Season 3.