Love Is A Four Letter Word (2001)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 30 January 2001
Final: 24 July 2001

Episodes: 26
Length: 30 minutes
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Synopsis: You can Have it all: That's the bollocks they sell you...your life can be anything you want it to be. You can have the best job, the sexiest girlfriend, the swankiest car, the hottest body, the grooviest clothes, the coolest friends, multiple orgasms every time...You have no excuse to be screwed up because there is no limit of options available. If you don't like your life, buy a new one.
And there's stuff you don't have to do - you don't have to get married, you don't have to be monogamous, you don't have to have kids, you don't have to be heterosexual, you don't have to have a job, you don't have to love your family, you don't have to be sane.
But what you must, must, must have is a good time. (

Role Actor

Cast list:
Albee Barrett
Angus O'Neil
Paul Bannister
Bernie O'Neil
Klaus Kaperberg
Larissa Barretta
Kate Beahan
Peter Fenton
Paul Barry
Linal Haft
Matt Doran
Leanna Walsman

S1 (2001)