Love My Way (2004/2006/2007)


Network: FOX8/Showtime (paytv)

Premiere: 22 November 2004
Final: 19 March 2007

Episodes: 30
Length: 45 minutes
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Synopsis: Negotiating the web of contemporary relationships, juggling the priorities of family obligations, being successful at love and the hope that ‘happiness’ might occur if all the other things fall into place. (AFC)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Frankie Paige
Howard Light
Charlie Jackson
Julia Jackson
Tom Jackson
Brenda Jackson
Jerry Jackson
Di Paige
Tess Delaney
Caroline Syron
Dylan Feingold
Simone Rogan
Lewis Feingold
Claudia Karvan
Sam Worthington
Dan Wyllie
Asher Keddie
Brendan Cowell
Lynette Curran
Max Cullen
Gillian Jones
Rhondda Findleton
Leah Purcell
Sam Parsonson
Justine Clarke (S3)
Ben Medelsohn
Alex Cook

• The third series was screened in Showtime.

Ep titles