Lucinda Brayford (1980)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 15 June 1980
Final: 06 July 1980

Episodes: 4
Length: 200 minutes (4 x 50)
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Synopsis: Traces the moving story of a beautiful woman from the early 1900s to the Second World War. Lucinda Vane was born into a wealthy Melbourne family. Both beautiful and talented, Lucinda spurned the love of a distinguished family friend to marry the dashing Aide de Camp to the Governor, Hugo Brayford. Despite her beauty, her husband has married her more for her money than love, as he is not as wealthy as he has made out. She also discovers he has a mistress but, to her distress, he refuses to give her a divorce.

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Cast list:
Lucinda Brayford
Wendy Hughes

S1 (1980)
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