Mercury (1996)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 02 May 1996
Final: 25 July 1996

Episodes: 13
Length: 50 minutes
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Synopsis: Mercury is set in the fast paced, cut throat world of newspaper journalism. It revolves around the day to day running of a quality Sunday broadsheet - The Sunday Mercury. About real people and real journalists in a large metropolitan city in the 90's, this series reveals the methods used by old time journos to secure a scoop, and the learning curve of the cadets who strive to emulate them. Mercury enters the world of an extraordinary tribe of self-ordained heroes, incurable gossips and rampant egos obsessed with the hunt for an exclusive and filing their stories by deadline. (Beyond International)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Bill Wyatt
Georgi Singer
Dave 'Gibbo' Gibson
Nell Roberts
John 'Ploo' Proudfoot
Jess MacDonald
Ross Wheeler
Clare Bannister
Ritchie Munroe
Nicholas Garfield
Geoffrey Rush
Victoria Longley
David Roberts
Susan Lyons
Terry Kenwrick
Julie Forsyth
Ernie Gray
Pamela Rabe
Robert Grubb
Phillip Holder

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