Minty (1998)


Network: ABC

Premiere: 20 August 1998
Final: 07 September 1998

Episodes: 13
Length: 25 minutes

S1 (1998)

Synopsis: Minty Sullivan and Melanie Hobson are physically identical but have completely different personalities and lifestyles. Minty plays the hot young star, Roxanne, of the smash hit Aussie soap, Ocean Beach. Melanie, by contrast, is an ordinary English schoolgirl living in a small bungalow near her parents hardware shop in boring Bricksworth. But when Melanie wins a trip to Australia she happens to meet Minty. Amazed at how similar they look, they decide to trade places, creating mayhem for everyone around them. (Taylor Media)

Role Actor

Cast list:
Minty Sullivan/Melanie Hobson
Angela Kelly

Willie Courtney
Lionel Hobson
Shane Connor
Cameron Davis
Peg Hobson
Alex Hobson
Bill Kerr
Michael Loney
Damian De Montemas
Kim De Lury
Vivienne Garrett
Pauline Bennion
Phineas Glover